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One sticky reason it took me a long time to switch from a hosted blog platform (Blogger/Wordpress/Medium/etc) to something self-hosted (like 11ty/hugo/jekyll/etc) was the lack of a nice interface to create content. Sure writing up markdown is easy and intuitive enough, but the lack of paste-able images was a big drawback.

In Blogger you could easily screenshot or copy/paste and image and it will embed the base64 image into the editor. I think it would even create a separate linkable file if the image was large.

My first thought was maybe using the in-browser Github editor. You can paste an image and it will auto-create a linkable user-content file for you. However you can’t customize the location of this file into your repo, so the file would be hosted forever at a github user-content link (or until github gets tired of hosting it).

Initial Solution

As of mid-2023 - using VSCode as the editor, you can paste an image into the editor and it will create a file for you and link it into the markdown! Even better, you can also customize the location of the pasted file in the workspace settings. I setup mine to be:

**/*    ${documentWorkspaceFolder}/src/assets/images/posts/${documentBaseName}/${fileName}

This gets us close, by storing the image into my images/posts folder, and inserting the markup into the markdown file:
![My VSCode Image Paste Settings](../assets/images/posts/2023-11-21-vscode-pasting-11ty-images/image-1.png)

For now I’ll have to then replace the markdown with some custom liquid shortcode (and fix the relative path) like:
{% imagePlaceholder "./src/assets/images/posts/2023-11-21-vscode-pasting-11ty-images/image-1.png", "My VSCode Image Paste Settings" %}

Look at this nicely pasted image of my settings:

My VSCode Image Paste Settings

Kinda nice to easily snapshot browser docs too:

VSCode Image Paste Docs

Next steps

I need to take this one step further and have a markdown processor so the extra shortcode step isn’t needed. Looks like this markdown-it-eleventy-img plugin might be the answer? I’ll follow-up in the next post…

– To Be Continued –