Tech Trends are Trendy


Trends are trendy. And they flame out quickly. And spectacularly.

SBF is the latest, signaling the end of the web3/crypto hype cycle.

Reminds me of and the Super Bowl rush that seemed to be the peak before the drop of the dotcom era.

Now I guess it is AI, or as we on the tech side see it more like LLMs + APIs + just the next thing that will end programming.

I remember when Visual Basic was going to replace us all, or UML architects that could orchestrate apps on the fly,
or salesforce, or etc etc etc.

AI will find a niche eventually. Just like how email got past the joke-forwarding timeframe; AI will grow out of meme-making.

And there will be some spectacular flameout signaling the end of the peak. Not sure when or what but it is destined.

We’ll enjoy the ride along the way.

Until the next trend that will surely change the world like no other

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