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Webmentions are fun! Emojis 🎉 are fun too! But when they don’t work (webmentions or emojis) well then that isn’t very fun at all. And when you start diving into percent encoding emojis you know your day is about to go 🙃

What you say

For whatever random reason I wrote a post last night that included an emoji in the URL (🍻 specifically). Some thoughts:

  1. Wow, 11ty makes a post with an emoji in the URL without any problem! Cool! https://sheetsj.com/blog/dry-january-beers-🍻/ is the full url for the link to my post. Fun
  2. This encoded as https://sheetsj.com/blog/dry-january-beers-%F0%9F%8D%BB/ when copying and pasting it from Safari into my Mastodon iOS client.
  3. Posted late at night, woke up to a few interactions to the post on Mastodon
  4. Webmentions did not seem to make it onto the post. Recently hooked up webmentions, so went to verify that I could see interactions there but they were missing – weird!

This Web you Mention

Really my fault for tempting fate. In my fedi message (do i have to say “toot”?) I said “Let’s see how fedi clients like this link with a 🍻 emoji in it” – and mastodon gets the last laugh because the iOS and web clients seemed to not care! They worked great!

Fedi message announcing my faux beers post


So it was time to dive into the webmentions plumbing. There’s a few steps that a toot takes to get from mastodon to the comment section on an 11ty static blog. I’m no webmention expert but I learned from a few early explorers (thanks Bob, Robb, Cory, and more!). This is my 15-minutes understanding of how it works:

  1. brid.gy scans the mastodon account every ~30 minutes, and looks for any outgoing links
  2. brid.gy loops through the links, and checks if they accept webmentions by looking for a <link rel="webmention" href="https://webmention.io/sheetsj.com/webmention"> and sends a mention to the href there.
    Checking the dashboard, looks like brid.gy picked up the links:
    brid.gy dashboard
  3. webmention.io accepts the webmention and stores it in a database
    Luckily looks like webmentions.io stored the link too!
    webmentions.io dashboard
  4. A cloudflare cron job that triggers my site to build+deploy at 3AM daily.
  5. The 11ty build fetches a webmentions json file, filters for each page, and builds the appropriate html comments/likes/reposts.
    This is where things were amiss!

The code is pulling in the URL but the comparison isn’t matching. Turns out 11ty is comparing the encoded URL https://sheetsj.com/blog/dry-january-beers-🍻/ to the decoded URL https://sheetsj.com/blog/dry-january-beers-%F0%9F%8D%BB/

So the fix was to call encodeURI before the comparison, and now all is good!

const pageWebmentions = webmentions.filter(
   (mention) => mention["wm-target"] === encodeURI(meta.authorWebsite + url)
 ).sort((a, b) => new Date(a.published) - new Date(b.published))

Next steps

  • Maybe query mastodon directly at build time instead of using webmention.io + brid.gy? This would also make it possible to show mentions from any author not just when I am the original author (i think? i haven’t done much with mastodon search)
  • Short of that, could spin up a tiny database and accept the brid.gy mentions to eliminate the webmention.io portion.
  • Could setup brid.gy publishing to send mastodon messages when new blogs are posted. But I’ll probably find a way to send directly from the 11ty build
  • Fix that emoji background masking in the title of my posts
  • Fix emojis in the social preview svg file
  • definitely using more emojis in my URLs 🎉

Did you know 11ty tags could be emojis too? https://sheetsj.com/tags/💻/

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