Custom servlet in Openfire plugin

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About 1 min

I’ve been working on creating a plugin for our Openfire server, which is currently on version 3.3.3. The Plugin developer guide is a little help, and so are the message boards, but there is still some detail missing.

Situation: I want to have a custom servlet that is available on the same url:port as our admin server. I don’t want to have to login to the admin server to reach this url, and the output from this servlet should not be wrapped by the openfire sitemesh template.

First, I registered the servlet in a web-custom.xml, but I could not get my servlet to appear. I had a url like http://localhost:9090/plugins/myplugin/CustomServlet. I couldn’t find an answer on the message boards so I pulled down the source and started debugging. Turns out that the PluginServlet class does a toLower on the servlet url. So changing the url pattern from /CustomServlet to /customservlet in the web-custom.xml fixed the problem.

Next, to remove the security for hitting the servlet, I used the information from this post. Adding AuthCheckFilter.addExclude(“CustomServlet”) to the initializePlugin method fixed it up.

Lastly, as mentioned here and here, adding <meta name=‘decorator’ content=‘none’/> tells sitemesh to not use the normal openfire template.

Hopefully this info will help me remember this stuff down the line…