Displaytag new features awesome (in theory)

I was pumped to upgrade displaytag yesterday from 1.0 to 1.1.
We needed the new feature to include
the caption and footer in an export
, along with some of the other new features that
are included in 1.1.

First step was to download and install the
displaytag.jar. I also installed the displaytag-export-poi.jar so I could use the new Excel POI support.

Then I had to upgrade our commons-lang, commons-beanutils, and
commons-collections jars to the latest versions because of an update of the dependencies for
displaytag. No big deal…

Started up my server, and everything looked
good so far. My displaytag table showed up and I thought I was good to go.

Then I tried to export… Property not found… In displaytag 1.0 I used a decorator by
simply saying decorator=“my.MyDecorator” in the display:table tag. But now I get errors on the
export because each export doesn’t use my default decorator. So now I have to add

<display:setProperty name=“export.excel.decorator”
name=“export.csv.decorator” value=“my.MyDecorator”/>

<display:setProperty name=“export.pdf.decorator” value=“my.MyDecorator”/>
<display:setProperty name=“export.xml.decorator”

to every jsp that I’m using a
decorator. I submitted a jira
to the displaytag team for this.

Now my exports are
working, but the caption
and footer
were still not included, even though the release notes and jira issues
say that this is fixed. I tried tweaking a few properties but nothing has worked. Anybody know
the answer?

Next I wanted to switch the Excel export to use the new POI
support. The one comment in the changelog says to
configure it
into your displaytag.properties using

…Oops, I get a message saying that ExcelHssfView is not found. So I explode the jar and
see that the package is incorrect. I changed to this

and now my Excel exports look pretty 😃

Lastly I wanted to add
the new RTF export feature (which is very vaguely documented, but has
a cool
). Here is what I added to my displaytag.properties:
export.types=csv excel xml pdf rtf

It seems like it starts to go, but then I
get an exception during the RTF export. I’m wondering if this deals with my usage of the export

I really love displaytag, and I’d really like these
new features to work! Please fill me in, if anyone has gotten these items working. I added
comments to the displaytag jira for each of these, and I’ll update this post if I hear back
from anyone…

[Update 11:27] Thanks to Jorge for responding so
quickly on the jira issue
for rtf exporting and caption/footer exporting. I’m
working with him to see if we can get these two working…

[Update 15:31] I’ve found some progress on my issue:
For the caption/footer issue:
I had to setup the new export classes for
PDF/Excel in my displaytag.properties file like this:

Apparently only these new classes will display the caption/footer? I didn’t realize this

Secondly, the new classes only work when I remove my
Decorator. So I’m going to look into my decorator and see why it fails on the exporting. My
decorator works fine for any of the old export classes, but not the new ones that were added
for the caption/footer. It throws the previous stack trace with the new export classes for
RTF, Excel, and PDF.

For the RTF issue:
My setup from before
works for RTF when I don’t use my Decorator. There must be something that has changed in the
new export classes that is different from the old for Decorator’s.

Thanks again to Jorge for helping me out…

[Update March 2: 08:23] After some more trial and error, and a little help from
, I found that the new export classes require your Decorator to implement
org.displaytag.decorator.hssf.DecoratesHssf for Excel and
org.displaytag.render.ItextTableWriter.ItextDecorator for PDF and

I just left the implemented methods blank, since
I don’t need them. But they need to be there for everything to work…