Vegas Conference? I'm there!

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I’ve just registered for Symposium at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas! I wish I could say that every month 😃

The weather near the end of march should be near perfect, even if I’ll spend 80% of my time indoors…
March: 68 F / 43 F
April: 77 F / 50 F

Compared to my usual Omaha, this will be awesome (with the low in Vegas > the high in Omaha)!
March 38.6
April 51.9

Better than the weather should be the speakers. Here’s what my agenda looks to be for the speakers that I am signed up for: Cedric Beust, Craig McClanahan, Cameron Purdy, Justin Gehtland, Dion Almaer, Rod Johnson or Kito Mann, Gavin King, Scott Ambler, Jonas Boner, Ted Neward, Bruce Snyder, and Bruce Tate (not to mention possible others!). I’m stoked to listen to these guys. My only question is Where’s Matt Raible?