There is no spoon

So… It’s been more than a month since my last post? I really can’t
believe it, which is why I’m writing this now!!!

The main thing
happening in my last few months is my change of employer from Raytheon to West Corp. Still in Omaha, and still doing J2EE, but
I received a large promotion so I can detail more in design and decisions than merely
implementation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still writing code most of my day. I’d go crazy if I

This means I’m not heavily invested in the Jetspeed portal
engine, which is a bit sad considering I’ve been working with it as it has grown to maturity.
I’m now mostly engrained with Weblogic, and experimenting with every “latest buzzword
technology” that floats by.

Having done AJAX work, long before it was
called AJAX, I’m happy to explore more code in that direction. Along with my attempts to push
for more JMS, Spring, unit testing, agile approaches, and anything else to make life easier at
my new position.

On a personal note, our daughter, Madison, turned 1 in
the past couple of weeks. What an amazing experience the first year has been for Shayla and I!
Our family really is the greatest blessing in my life…

Oh, and I
can’t forget, Go Huskers! Our baseball team
just won their first game EVER in the College World
here in Omaha!!!