Using c:param doesn't work in portlets

For some reason I cannot get a

<jsp:include page=“include/mypage.jsp”>

  <jsp:param name=“jeffstest” value=“26”/>



<c:import url=“include/mypage.jsp”>

  <c:param name=“jeffstest” value=“26”/>


to work inside of a portlet. The page includes okay, but the param is not passed
to the request parameters successfully. The odd thing is that the param does get into the

So for now, my workaround is to do:

<c:set var=“jeffstest” value=“26” scope=“request”/>

<c:import url=“include/mypage.jsp”/>

I’d rather use the c:param tag, but for whatever reason it has problems inside a
portlet. I’m using Jetspeed 1.6 Fusion (JSR-168 enabled), in case anyone is wondering.