Gmail Thoughts (4 Pros, 1 Con)


I just have to give a big thanks to Ryan Daigle for hooking me up with a gmail account. Now for my main thoughts…

So far gmail seems to be a great improvement over my old Yahoo! Mail. I really like the “discussion” style of tracking replies. This is very suitable for reading email. I also like the labels that can be applied to messages so they are stored in multiple “folders”. The type-ahead on email addresses is also a plus over Yahoo! Mail. Lastly on the pro side, I like being able to send messages without an ad being placed in my outgoing mail.

However, my old complaint about Yahoo! Mail is still a complaint with Gmail. Why can’t I compose an HTML email? The FAQ makes me think this will be added in the future, but if they can make gmail this cool so far, why not add HTML composing capability? I’d really like to make it easier on my mom and grandma to see pictures!!