Spam Advertisement Apology

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I feel the need to apologize to the community. You see, I was a user of They provided (yes, thats past tense) a free atom to rss converter. With Blogger not supporting rss, I have been using to supply with updates.

Today I noticed that someone/something was posting spam to javablogs in my name! Imagine my shock! The links went to some other site than my blog, but the entries definitely looked like they were from me. After some research, I see that has started adding a single spam ad at the bottom of their converter feed; without any notification to the users! Of course, you can pay to remove the ads, but why would I want to pay for this???

Instantly I had to find a new converter. Thanks to for a recommendation on They even have more options than 2rss does.

So,, please accept my apologies for the unruly actions of