Firefox slays Eclipse?

It’s come to the point that I love Firefox for my browser of choice. If it
wasn’t for two very major problems. (I understand its only in a 0.8 stage of release so I’m
more venting than complaining at this point.)

1) Firefox periodically kills Eclipse. I’m not sure what I click on or do, but its
possibly when popping open a new window through javascript. When I switch back to my code,
Eclipse crashes saying an SWT error has occurred. I can either reopen Firefox to save Eclipse
(faster) or reopen Eclipse (slower and doesn’t always fix problem).

2) Copying and pasting in Firefox. I’ve seen the bug report somewhere, but I’m too
lazy to look it up right now. Essentially the copy and paste to the windows clipboard breaks
sometimes. Switching tabs seems to fix it. Almost like the copy and paste gets confused
between tabs.

Other than that I’m happy. Especially with the Web Developer
plugin that someone put on javablogs the other day. It rocks!